About me

Hey, I’m Jennifer! I can’t wait to help you achieve a more balanced life.


I help the 73% build bridges to receive mentorship. Did you know that only 37% of people are helped grow and developed into the roles they want to achieve?

Mentorship is something that is hard to achieve because not everyone is granted the same opportunities inside business. Also, a good portion of the time, some mentors do not help those achieve the results where their clients want to be.

This is where I come in, I bring over 15+ years of experience to the table in helping develop others into the careers, leadership and help teams strive to where their want to be.

I am most passionate about helping others get where they need to go by giving them tools and resources to get there.

I work with clients in the areas of Career Strategies, Leadership Development, and Creating High Performing Team.

So, who am I?

A bit about my background is that I have been in the game of business for around 20 years. I have worked for several fortune 500 companies that have allowed me to grow and develop my skills.

From Human Resources to Operations mastermind, I have a key understanding what it takes to be successful in the industry.

In 2019, I started writing programs for the company I worked with to help others grow and develop. A colleague of mine suggested I start writing programs for myself. I never considered or thought of this, and they were right the programs were always for another company.

In 2020, I launched Jennifer Fellin & Company. I knew that by researching the numbers not many people have access to resources that will allow them to grow.

Many of the people I talk to get frustrated by starting out with mentorship with their leader, for it to abruptly end because of change in management, or their mentor finds a new role or job.

I can truly relate to this, with one of the companies I worked for, I had over 15 different bosses. Once you start getting somewhere and momentum gets going, it comes to a quick end, and you have to start over with someone new.

What I also found was that not all my bosses were interested in mentoring me to get to the next level.

Where do we go from here?


My commitment is to help the 73% who don’t have mentorship with programs that will allow them to grow and develop. I am also committed to help the 37% receive the right mentorship.

I have created several different courses and coaching programs. I understand that there are some that can take the ball and run with it. Others prefer a more in-depth method and weekly classes or coaching.

If you are interested in receiving mentorship in the areas of Career Strategies, Leadership, or High Performing teams I would love to have you reach out.

Fun Facts About Me


Favorite Artist: Britney Spears

Favorite Drink: Moscato

Favorite Desert: Chocolate Cake

Favorite Pet: Golden Retrievers

Favorite Food: Dominican

What Are Your Hobbies? Photography, and Video Editing

How Many Kids Do You Have? 3

What is Your Sign? Virgo

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