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Hey I'm Jennifer!

I am an energetic and passionate entrepreneur who is excited to help you achieve your career goals. I have been in the game of business for over 15 years holding different management roles and learned a great amount of inside knowledge about the game. I am everything I shouldn’t be in business which separates me apart from those who travel a traditional route. But being different has huge perks, and so does being ambitious!
I have been in the game of helping others achieve an endless stream of business, and careers that they want to pursue. I help leaders grow, and provide tools to allow them to build bridges to careers that they want to be in.
You have an amazing amount of talent and skills, and there is no one out there that can replace you. Because... well, your you. And there’s a great amount to offer in that.

Full Story

Only 37% of People recieve mentorship, Why is this important?

Mentorship Statistics

Career Strategy

Only a small amount of people out there actually receive mentorship, and invest in Self Development

The Opportunity

Having a mentor gives the confidence to challenge yourself more, leading to promotions

The Connection & Engagement

Being a Woman in Leadership is a challenge, getting the help and tools to grow can help you stand out.

My Mission


My mission is to help those without mentorship build the bridges from where they are to where they want to be.

So What does this mean? Throughout the years of working, I have gotten to listen to several different stories of those that worked for me, worked with me and who worked above me. You get to hear that not everyone's story is the same. Some of the stories are truly heartbreaking because if that person was given a chance they might be able to do some really great things.

But not everyone is given the same set of tools, I know for myself I wasn't handed a great set either. My passion for helping others and providing access to the tools they need to be able to grow was the gift I wanted to share with people, thus is why I am here today.

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This Week's Video - Interview Question: Tell Me About Yourself


The single most important question that one can expect to be asked is the question “Tell me about yourself”. It’s the question that most people get nervous around because its extremely open ended and really the road or path can be taken almost anywhere. When preparing for an interview you want to make sure that you are ready to tell your story and what makes you a great candidate for the role.

Inside this video we cover:

✔️Why This Question Gets Asked
✔️How You Can Prepare for This Question
✔️A Good Example

My Specializations

Coaching & Course Programs Offered in:

Career Strategy

Career Goals, Self Branding, Resume, Cover Letter, Interviewing, Salary Negotiation 


Leadership Skill Training, Behavior Training, Development

Team Engagement

Building Strong Teams, Designing Engagement Plans, Internal Growth Strategy

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Career Volt Podcast


I’m here weekly as your Corporate Gal Pal trying to help you organize through this crazy world we want to define as business. With the old, and the new trends there are so many reasons that people get lost in the mix. To help you with different tools, and perspectives, I focus on helping you close the gaps of where you are to where you want to be in your career.

Leadership, Career Strategy, Personal Development, Lifestyle, and More…


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Impactful Public Speaking

Terrified to Speak in Public? Do you get nervous at the thought of addressing a crowd? One of the single greatest skills to have today is being able to present messages with clarity through effective public speaking. Creating a presentation that will highlight your ideas, is a skill that most can learn. Through Impactful Public Speaking, is a course that will help you to craft and deliver speeches leaving audience with key take aways.

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